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CBS Greenlights Climate Change Drama ‘Antarctica’ By WARNER TODD HUSTON CBS is developing a climate change drama following America’s effort to colonize Antarctica in response to global warming “reshaping the globe.” The show is being developed by writer Paul Grellong (Amazon Studios’ The Boys) and producer Josh Berman, according to Deadline. The series, to be titled Antarctica, will reportedly follow the posting of a […]

‘It’s the Right Thing to Do’: Walmart CEO Doug McMillon Supports ‘Great Reset’ – ‘It’s Time to Reinvent Capitalism Post-Coronavirus’ BY EBEN SHAPIRO OCTOBER 22, 2020 Excerpt: Is there a correlation between the growing interest from corporations in stakeholder capitalism and the decline in the ability of governments to solve big problems? Big problems don’t rest on the shoulders of government or corporations alone. I think the growing interest in stakeholder capitalism stems from companies genuinely invested in […]

‘Great Reset’ – World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab in Time Mag: ‘We Need to Reimagine Capitalism’ – Seeks ‘virtuous capitalist system’ that prioritizes reducing greenhouse gases, hiring from ‘diverse backgrounds’ & closing ‘gender pay gap’ A Better Economy Is Possible. But We Need to Reimagine Capitalism to Do It BY KLAUS SCHWAB OCTOBER 22, 2020 Excerpts: The only immediate upside, perhaps, was the drop in greenhouse-gas emissions, which brought slight, temporary relief to the planet’s atmosphere. … Indeed, the bad news related to COVID-19 came on top of the […]

Top NOAA scientist is removed from his position after he asked new Trump-appointed staff to adhere to the agency’s integrity policy that bans changing research data to fit political agenda   NOAA acting chief scientist Craig McLean was removed from his position in September McLean was forced to step down from his role after emailing new Trump appointees about the agency’s ethics policy, according to a NYT report The NOAA scientific integrity policy prohibits fabrication, falsification, or the manipulation of research data to fit a political agenda […]