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Biden Promises to Shut Down the US Oil Industry: ‘I would transition from the oil industry, yes.’ – ‘It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time’

by Eric Worrall

During Thursday’s Presidential debate, President Biden made a clear statement that he intends to transition away from the oil industry. My question – what part does Burisma play in this plan?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Would you close down the oil industry?

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I would transition from the oil industry, yes.

TRUMP: Oh, that’s a big statement.

BIDEN: It is a big statement.

KRISTEN WELKER: Why would you do that?

BIDEN: Because the oil industry pollutes. It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. And I’d stop giving federal subsidies to the oil industry. He won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind. Why are we giving it to the oil industry?

TRUMP: We actually do give it to solar and wind. And that’s maybe the biggest statement, in terms of business, because basically what he’s saying is he’s going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that, Pennsylvania? Oklahoma? Ohio?

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Obviously a scheme to shut down the US fossil fuel industry incurs a risk that the fossil fuel industry might be “transitioned” too quickly, that an energy gap might develop as the US fossil fuel industry is decommissioned.

Just speculating here, but perhaps that is why Biden’s son built a relationship with Burisma. Thank’s to Hunter Biden’s foreign oil and gas industry contacts, if a large transitional energy gap develops as US fossil fuel assets are decommissioned, say if the decommissioning process proceeds too quickly, companies like the Ukrainian gas giant Burisma will be able to step in, and help fill the gap between US supply and demand for energy by selling their product to the USA.