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Former Obama EPA chief Gina McCarthy: insanely suggests we can ‘see & feel and taste’ CO2-induced climate change

BBC: Why the US election could decide battle against climate change – October 18, 2020


Critics say the rollbacks on environmental regulations are part of an agenda to remove any reference to climate change across the federal government.

“The Trump administration has done everything they can to deny the science and denigrate scientists,” says Gina McCarthy, the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and now the president of the National Resources Defence Council.

“They have really done everything humanly possible to try to convince people that what they see and feel and taste just isn’t happening in front of them.”

Scientists studying climate change say that the re-election of Donald Trump could make it “impossible” to keep global temperatures in check.

They’re worried another four years of Trump would “lock in” the use of fossil fuels for decades to come – securing and enhancing the infrastructure for oil and gas production rather than phasing them out as environmentalists want.

Joe Biden’s climate plan, the scientists argue, would give the world a fighting chance.

In addition to withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement – the international pact designed to avoid dangerous warming of the Earth – President Trump’s team has worked hard to remove what they see as obstacles to efficient energy production.


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