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Rutgers U. Professor: ‘To Save the Climate, Give Up the Demand for Constant Electricity’

Heartland Institute’s Andy Singer comments on Rutger’s professor’s energy policy. The Heartland Institute -Boston Review author David McDermott Hughes has an interesting answer for the so called climate crisis. We should shut the power off on people just like Zimbabwe! The Heartland Institute’s Andy Singer breaks down the most ridiculous article yet on this episode […]

Finally! Media recognizing reality! BBC: ‘Health experts join global anti-lockdown movement’ – ‘Thousands of scientists have joined a global movement warning of ‘grave concerns’ about Covid-19 lockdown policies’ Thousands of scientists and health experts have joined a global movement warning of “grave concerns” about Covid-19 lockdown policies. Nearly 6,000 experts, including dozens from the UK, say the approach is having a devastating impact on physical and mental health as well as society. They are calling for protection to be focused on the […]

Where is the Left’s outrage at COVID lockdowns?! Billionaire wealth reaches new high during COVID-19 lockdowns ZURICH, Oct 7 (Reuters) – Billionaire wealth reached record high levels amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a report by UBS and PwC found, as a rally in stock prices and gains in technology and healthcare helped the wealth of the world’s richest break the $10 trillion mark. The report, covering over 2,000 billionaires representing some […]

EU Parliament votes for 60% carbon dioxide emissions cut by 2030 – Up from old goal of 40% – Brag EU is ‘at the forefront of climate ambition’ By Frédéric Simon | The European Parliament voted on Tuesday (6 October) to update the EU’s climate target for 2030, backing a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the decade, up from 40% currently. Lawmakers in the EU assembly voted the proposed amendment on the 2030 target by 352 […]

UK ‘Will Take 700 Years’ To Reach Low-Carbon Heating Under Govt Plans – 2007 UK Govt Promised: Wind Energy To Power Every Home By 2020

I concur. On a side note: I like these silly headlines, especially when seen next to each other. — Argo Nerd (@argonerd) October 8, 2020 Britain ‘Will Take 700 Years’ To Reach Low-Carbon Heating Under Govt Plans Wind Energy To Power Every Home By 2020, UK Govt Promised … 13 Years Ago 1) UK […]

Pope rips ‘profit-based economic model’ – What Pope Francis’s Attacks on ‘Free Markets’ and ‘Trickle-Down Economics’ Get Wrong By Brad Polumbo On Sunday, the religious leader used the COVID-19 pandemic to renew his criticisms of free-market capitalism. “The fragility of world systems in the face of the pandemic has demonstrated that not everything can be resolved by market freedom,” Francis wrote in part of a lengthy religious text. “To care for the world […]

Warmist David Attenborough: ‘Curb excess capitalism’ to save nature – Demands standard of living in wealthy nations is going to have to take a pause Sir David Attenborough says the excesses of western countries should “be curbed” to restore the natural world and we’ll all be happier for it. The veteran broadcaster said that the standard of living in wealthy nations is going to have to take a pause. Nature would flourish once again he believes when “those that […]