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Watch: John Stossel confronts warmists at ‘Climate Feedback’ over Facebook censorship


By John Stossel

On my Facebook page recently, I was alarmed to see a warning pop up: “this information could mislead people.” Facebook then also said it won’t show my video to most people!

What had I done wrong?

I clicked Facebook’s “see why” button. It goes to a page from Climate Feedback, a group that claims it sorts “fact from fiction” about climate change.
Their activists claimed my video “misrepresents a complex reality.”

Then they misrepresented me. They put the following sentence in quotes, implying I said it: “Forest fires are caused by poor management. Not by climate change.”
But I never said that. They took a quote from someone else—or made up a quote!

I appealed, thinking someone would apologize. But Facebook says any appeal must go to…ClimateFeedback– the very same “fact-checker” who smeared me to begin with!

I confronted their reviewers. It turned out that they hadn’t even watched my video! They offered no defense for posting words in quotation marks that I never said.
But pointing that out was not good enough for the “fact checkers.”

They aren’t happy that I interviewed environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, a Time Magazine “Hero of the Environment.”

ClimateFeedback wants to stifle discussion of his book, “Apocalypse Never,” which criticizes environmental alarmism.

It’s infuriating that Facebook lets ClimateFeedback censor.

But there’s nothing I can do about it.

Except to be thankful that YouTube still allows people watch it, and make up their own minds.

The video above shows how bad Facebook’s “fact-checking process can be.