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Claim: 24 planets offer conditions more suitable for life than they are here on Earth

Earth is not necessarily the best planet in the universe for life, a new study has found.

Researchers have found some 24 planets that are “superhabitable”, offering conditions more suitable for life than they are here on Earth.

And some of them even have better stars than our own Sun, the researchers said.

The new study looked for worlds that would be even more likely to foster life than our own – including those that are older, bigger, warmer and wetter than Earth – in the hope of informing future searches for life elsewhere in the universe.

The study identified 24 of the “superhabitable” planets. They are all 100 light years away, making them difficult if not impossible to ever see up close, but research with future telescopes could give us much more information about those worlds.

With technological developments on board upcoming telescopes – such as NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the LUVIOR space observatory and the European Space Agency’s PLATO – researchers hope they may even be able to spot the signatures of life on distance planets.