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Walking the walk: Climate hero Alec Baldwin (62) now has SIX kids

It’s a party of five for Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria Baldwin. The couple on Wednesday announced the arrival of a baby boy, their fifth child together…Baldwin has a 24-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin, from his previous marriage to Kim Basinger.


2017 Lund University Study: Want to save the planet? Don’t have children! Study finds bringing new life into the world is the most destructive thing you can do to the environment – 

Study finds carbon footprints are drastically reduced by not having children
Avoiding air travel, eating a plant-based diet and not driving a car also help
Impact of having a child is calculated by taking their descendants into account

Alec Baldwin: ‘Climate change denial is a form of mental illness’ – Baldwin: ‘I believe the climate change denial is a form of mental illness’

Alec Baldwin at climate summit in Paris: ‘Here I am, staying in a fancy hotel, going out to dinner with my friends, hanging out’ – Baldwin: Donald Trump’s climate views are so extreme they might finally convince world leaders to sign a climate change accord.

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