‘Astounding’: Review of Climate Hustle 2: A global whirlwind tour of climate insanity’ – Live release at Sept 24 8pm


A Review of “Climate Hustle 2” – New Marc Morano/CFACT Movie

Do the Hustle! Climate Monarchy Want Carbon Serfdom for You

By Michelle Stirling © September 2020

(Calgary, Alberta) I wish I could have seen it on the big screen in the theatre as CFACT had planned, but I curled up with my popcorn and YouTube and my private pre-release link back in May, to watch “Climate Hustle 2 – Rise of the Climate Monarchy”. It was astounding. The planned theatrical release was delayed by lockdowns, but now “Climate Hustle 2” is coming to your home – get your tickets now for the online premiere, September 24, 2020!

Online screening – tickets available for Sept. 24, 2020 premiere

Mini AOC kicks off this story with some of her witty quips on how the climate elite of the world are planning to make you all into carbon serfs. Then Kevin Sorbo takes on the Herculean task as host, linking together a global whirlwind tour of climate insanity and dangerous thinking.

The inimitable Marc Morano starts us off in Versailles, posing the notion that the climate elite are well on their way to establishing a new climate monarchy that is based on faulty but frightening scientific premises and media mantras – with the ultimate goal of….no. Not saving the planet. Money. Power. Ideology. Control. Of you and me. The peasants will soon be carbon serfs, allotted an annual ‘carbon ration’, unless we stand our ground.

When some people think of the monarchy, they perhaps think of the hard-working, stoic, benevolent Queen Elizabeth, but climate monarchs are nothing of the kind. They are the elitist ‘let them eat cake/off with their heads’ people, as Climate Hustle 2 reveals.

Numerous celebrities are skewered for their Hollywood hypocrisy of ‘do as I say, not as I do’ – Harrison Ford, James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and of course Al Gore.

Climate science, public policy, and economics experts and authors like Richard Lindzen, Lord Monckton, Mark Steyn, Don Easterbrook, Ross McKitrick, Judith Curry, and more are peppered throughout the show, highlighting key points and flaws of climate dogma.

Host Kevin Sorbo points out that so much of the climate gig is about conformity. Tim Ball recounts the tremendous damage he and his family have experienced from his willingness to challenge the alleged ‘consensus’ climate view.

Indeed, the personal price was also high in the old days when anyone challenged the king. Today’s climate monarchs are not much different, with folks like Bill Nye, David Suzuki and Robert Kennedy, Jr. saying those climate dissidents are guilty of “crimes against humanity” who should be imprisoned. In fact, true science progresses through persistent, hard-nosed skepticism.


Climate Hustle 2 explores interesting themes of the religious overtones of the climate movement as well as themes of communism. Vaclav Klaus, former president of the Czech Republic has sobering comments about how hard they struggled to be free of such totalitarianism, and how so many people in the ‘free’ West, now willingly fall in line with climate compliance.

If the actual outcomes of ‘climate action’ were about mitigating human impact on the planet, that would be one thing, but the series of climate experts shows that climate emergency and catastrophe claims are a charade.

I thought I knew the climate field of dreams and wacky ideas pretty well, having worked in it for over a decade, but the collection of “Bad Ideas” really blew my mind. What do these climate monarchs have in mind for you? Bugs for supper. Drugs to make you comply. Bioengineering to shrink your carbon footprint by shrinking you. And hey, maybe just getting rid of people.

And the creepiest thing is the influence the climate monarchs have over children. Holly Swanson, author of “Training for Treason: The Harmful Political Agenda behind Education for Sustainability” talks of the implications for children with this agenda-heavy climate dogma, while climate scientist Judith Curry notes that she sees no reason to teach kids about climate.

As host Kevin Sorbo points out climate monarchs want to “get ‘em early”.

But back to Vaclav Klaus who clearly sees totalitarian, anti-democratic, top-down economic management taking over every part of life though the climate hustle narrative.

We are in a fight for freedom is the ultimate message of the film. But are we fighting for it, or just going along to get along? I was left wondering if we need a new Magna Carta? Or shall we just stand up for the old one that destroyed the divine right of kings.

As noted in the opening of my article, I had a pre-screening in May and had ended this review with the statement: “Past conflicts between kings and peasants led to bloody battles, riots and revolutions. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” – indeed that has come to pass! You may dismiss this, thinking the present civil unrest is about climate and racial justice, but is it? By Trump pulling out of Paris, he pulled out a bottom card from the Democrat-favored house of global climate carbon trading.

As French economist Henri Lepage wrote this spring, the global recession was occurring before Coronavirus hit – COVID just provided a handy cover for the collapse. Maybe decades of public moneys being drained through subsidies to renewables, and offsets into carbon markets, which entail ‘the lack of delivery of an invisible substance to no one, finally caught up with the Climate Lords and Ladies – the green crony capitalists – whose personal version of the Mississippi Scheme or Tulip-O-Mania now reaps what they have sown. Those early Ponzi schemes traded in an invisible promise that relied on mass public delusions, which bankrupted France and Holland in the 1700s and 1600s, led by the wealthy elite. The carbon con bluff was called by Trump when he pulled out of the Paris Agreement. The Climate Monarchy are desperate to keep it that Ponzi scheme alive.

Climate Hustle 2 is a full meal deal and a rather long film, but well worth it. Once you see it, you can’t unsee the damage the climate monarchy is doing to every aspect of scientific inquiry, to freedom and to democratic society.

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Michelle Stirling is Communications Manager with Friends of Science Society. This article expresses her personal view. Stirling is also a member of the Canadian Association of Journalists and the AAAS.