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U.S. Utilities Say Biden CO2 Neutral by 2035 Plan to Cut Emissions Hinges on Breakthroughs (Reuters) – The U.S. power industry would struggle to meet presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s proposed mandate that it become carbon neutral by 2035 without some big breakthroughs in clean energy technology, according to a Reuters analysis of planning documents and a survey of top utilities. The country’s top power producers said rapid advances in […]

Green groups save the coal underground but destroy the forest above: Where massive hardwoods once stood now grows tiny fir trees used for wood pellets to meet CO2 targets By Jo Nova Thanks to climate activists, coal deposits underground are safe but Europe’s old forests are being converted to industrial plantations and wood pellets  Pierre Gosselin of NoTricksZone thinks the media, which raged over Brazil’s Amazonian forest fires may be finally noticing their own man-made disaster. The ARD’s “Das Erste” reports how satellite images show deforestation […]

Kamala Harris Flip-Flops on Fracking After Polls Tighten in Pennsylvania BY MATT MARGOLIS A week ago, Joe Biden notoriously flip-flopped on his long-held anti-fracking position while campaigning in Pennsylvania, where fracking is a major industry. “I am not banning fracking. Let me say that again: I am not banning fracking. No matter how many times Donald Trump lies about me,” Biden said. Unfortunately for […]

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: It’s the nonsense — not the climate — that is reaching extremes By Joe Bastardi | So feast your eyes on this: Is this a Monty Python skit or something? I cannot figure out how the usual suspects don’t stop and say, wait a minute, maybe I should look and make sure that there is not a counter argument. It is because they do not care a […]

Spokeswoman who quit Extinction Rebellion now works for Michael Shellenberger to fight for the NUCLEAR industry says: ‘Once I understood the facts, I did change my mind’ What irony! The spokeswoman who quit Extinction Rebellion to fight for the NUCLEAR industry says: ‘Once I understood the facts, I did change my mind’ By GUY ADAMS FOR THE DAILY MAIL One of the great ‘car-crash’ TV interviews of our age occurred in Andrew Neil’s BBC studio around lunchtime on October 9, last year. The […]