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Extinction Rebellion founder suggests bullets in the head may improve the climate

What happens when delusional people can’t convince the masses to agree with them

Fury as Extinction Rebellion founder say MPs and business owners ‘should have bullet put through their heads’

The Sun, Sept 2, 2020

A BRITISH co-founder of Extinction Rebellion sparked fury after suggesting MPs and business owners “should have a bullet through their heads”.

Ex-organic farmer Roger Hallam criticised the people “who run society” – saying they were “culpable” for the climate catastrophe.

In a recording obtained by Guido, the 54-year-old was heard saying:

They [leaders] are exponentially more culpable for climate catastrophe.

“1990 might as well give them six months in prison, now maybe you should put a bullet through their head – or rather someone probably will.”

The real crime are the leaders and journalists who feed the delusions for their own profit and power. Creating things like pap declarations of “Climate Emergencies”. They are not just symbolism, they become the license for extreme responses. It’s a psychological and legal tool where people can both justify their own reckless behaviour to themselves, but also to justify dangerous acts of civil disobedience in a court.

Not long back Roger Hallam was calling for Nuremberg style trials.

The founder of Extinction Rebellion wants those responsible for climate change to face Nuremberg-style trials.

Roger Hallam also called for a ‘World War Two mobilisation’ of society, with rationing and the confiscation of private property.

Asked how those responsible for climate change should be dealt with, he told The Times: ‘The question will be who’s culpable, in the same way [as] with the Nazis.

He added that ‘maybe [we] should put a bullet in the head’ as punishment.

A bullet here, and a bullet there, and pretty soon we’ll be talking about a bloody revolution.

Extinction Rebellion responded that this was old news, and they’re resolutely non-violent now. Roger Hallam supposedly said this a year ago and is not formally involved any more. But there is no denying that he and Gail Bradbrook co-founded Extinction Rebellion. They set up the movement after she was inspired by a hallucinogenic experience. Bradbrook happily admitted that she flew 11,000 air miles to Costa Rica for a holiday in 2016 where she took the drugs. She “tripped” in every sense of the word, and flew home to the UK to start a movement, separate from her family, end a marriage and “that was the right thing to do”.

Hallam likes bullets and socialist governments:

If we’re going to have a possibility of living, we’re looking at mass socialistic organisation.”

As Guido says: Socialism brought about by the barrel of a gun. History shows where this leads…