BBC Climate Documentary: ‘How they (skeptics) Made Us Doubt Everything’ By Eric Worrall Guest essay by Eric Worrall I’ve just listened to the entire BBC radio series “How They Made Us Doubt Everything”, which compares climate skepticism to rejecting the link between tobacco and cancer. Episodes 1-5, all I heard was details of how the tobacco industry sowed doubt about lung cancer – interesting but […]

Michael Shellenberger: I Was Invited to Testify to Congress on Energy Policy. Then Democrats Didn’t Let Me Speak – ‘I had the startling experience of being smeared by sitting members’ of House

Yesterday I raised hard questions about the $2 trillion that Biden & the Democrats want to spend on green energy In response, sitting members of Congress publicly smeared me — and then denied me a chance to defend myself Here’s the full ugly story — Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) July 29, 2020 By Michael […]

Warmists lament media coverage: The curse of ‘both-sidesism’: ‘How climate denial skewed media coverage for 30 years’ Ever wonder why Americans have been so slow to support climate action? A new study lays some of the blame on media bias —for 30 years, three of the country’s most influential sources of news gave too much credence to arguments that the world shouldn’t take decisive action to mitigate climate change. “Opponents of […]

Activists Convinced Minnesota Attorney General To File Climate Lawsuit By William Allison A Minnesota activist group completely blew the cover of the entire climate litigation campaign by acknowledging how closely private individuals and organizations have coordinated with state attorneys general to promote lawsuits against fossil fuel companies. For years, these activists have operated mostly in the shadows, attempting to shield their conversations and […]

GOP embraces liberal environmentalism skeptic Shellenberger with radical plan for nuclear energy – Set to testify on Capitol Hill by Josh Siegel Michael Shellenberger, a self-described liberal Democrat who is critical of mainstream environmentalism, is betting on nuclear energy as the dominant fuel of the future. Shellenberger’s views and his status as a critic of climate change “alarmists” are being embraced by House Republicans, who invited him to testify as their witness at a hearing […]

‘We need a New Global Deal’ – UN Sec. Gen Guterres Warns a ‘New Model for Global Governance’ Is Coming – ‘Living in balance with nature’ By SIMON KENT As the world continues to grapple with the deadly consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said only one thing is certain in its wake: “a new model of global governance” is coming and the globalist body is doing all it can to hurry its arrival. The Portugese socialist […]