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The environmentalist’s apology: how Michael Shellenberger unsettled some of his prominent supporters

Excerpts: Respected MIT climate expert Prof Kerry Emanuel sits on a line-up of science advisers of Environmental Progress.

He told Guardian Australia he was “very concerned” about the opinion piece, and was consulting with other members of the advisory group before deciding whether to remain listed.

Emanuel said he joined the thinktank some years ago “as it was then a voice for a rational approach to dealing with climate change, emphasising the need for nuclear power as part of the solution – a point I still very much agree with”.

Veteran climate scientist Prof Tom Wigley, of the University of Adelaide, was asked by Shellenberger to read his book and gave it a glowing review. He told Guardian Australia he thought the book “may well be the most important book on the environment ever written”.

But he said the way the opinion piece had framed the issue of climate change would put Shellenberger in a difficult position.

“I think that Michael has gone a little too far and he will have to defend this article for many years and, in the meantime, some damage will be done as his words may be misrepresented by people who don’t believe in human-caused global warming,” Wigley said.