Watch: Communications expert interviews Morano about climate debate & being number ONE ranked ‘climate contrarian’ in the media

Video here: Just posted my interview w/ climate “contrarian” Marc Morano, 13 years after interview for, “Sizzle: A Global Warming Comedy.” I asked, “Are you winning?” Surprisingly he said no. @Revkin @seeoh2 @aaronhuertas @rodl @ClimateDepot #climate — Randy Olson (@ABTagenda) July 16, 2020 A must-watch interview – @ClimateDepot by @ABTagenda. As Randy notes, Marc […]

Green Crimes Division: Biden’s $2 Trillion Climate Plan includes ‘creating Environmental & Climate Justice Division at Department of Justice Excerpt: The Biden Administration will establish a new Environmental and Climate Justice Division within the DOJ, as proposed by Governor Inslee, to complement the work of the Environment and Natural Resources Division. In line with the new Division’s mandate, Biden will instruct the Attorney General to: (i) implement, to the extent possible by executive […]

Claim: Biden Is Campaigning On The Green New Deal — ‘Minus the Crazy’ By JORDAN WEISSMANN Joe Biden has embraced the Green New Deal. He might not have uttered those magic words on Tuesday while unveiling his campaign’s new, far-reaching plan to combat climate change and revitalize the U.S. economy, but he didn’t have to. In substance and spirit, the Democratic nominee has signed on to the concept’s most important pieces, […]