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NY Times Fakes a Climate Change Debate by Kip Hansen The New York Times’ Climate section is a source of continuing amusement for me.  This one made me laugh out loud. In an exhibition of astounding audacity, the New York Times’ Editor of the Climate Desk, Hannah Fairfield, stages what is billed as a “debate” about moving forward with solutions to climate […]

Physicist Challenges the CO2 Global Warming Hypothesis: A New Take on the Carbon Cycle By Physicist Dr. Ralph B. Alexander Central to the dubious belief that humans make a substantial contribution to climate change is the CO2 global warming hypothesis. The hypothesis is that observed global warming – currently about 1 degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit) since the preindustrial era – has been caused primarily by human emissions of CO2 and other […]

‘USA was hotter in the past’ – NOAA data finds of the 50 U.S. state all-time record high temps, 23 were set during the 1930s & 36 occurred prior to 1960′ Highest U.S. Temperatures on Record by State By Paul Homewood I have occasionally posted about the State Climate Extremes Committee in the US, which verifies and maintains data on record meteorological observations on a State by State basis. Unlike the Met Office, the SCEC is extremely diligent in checking new claims for record temperatures, […]

Green Activist Michael Shellenberger Comes Clean On Climate Disinformation Editorial, Las Vegas Review Journal Mr. Shellenberger’s honesty is refreshing. To solve environmental problems, the public and policymakers need honest and nuanced data, not doomsday predictions intended to push an agenda through fear and misinformation. A well-known environmentalist has asked forgiveness for blowing concerns about global warming out of proportion. His candor speaks volumes […]

WaPo warns of ‘global warming’s’ impact on medication: ‘Some drugs, taken when it’s hot, can provoke serious, sometimes life-threatening reactions’

Global warming a threat to Prozac users because antipsychotics can hamper the brain’s ability to regulate body temperature. So stupid. — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) June 28, 2020 By Marlene Cimons Summer is here and, along with it, the threat of heat waves and heat-related illness. Heat waves kill more people than any other single weather event, […]