‘Too crazy’: Watch: Reformed climate activist Shellenberger condemns ‘terrorizing school children’ with false climate scares

https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_6168491756001 Former climate activist Michael Shellenberger has condemned alarmists for “terrorising school children” with false claims that the world is about to end. The life-long environmentalist has given Sky News host Chris Kenny a lengthy interview about his decision to speak out against the alarmist rhetoric which he says is creating anxiety in young people. […]

Flashback 2019: Shellenberger uses science to debunk HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’

https://freedom937.iheart.com/featured/glenn-beck/content/2019-07-09-glenn-beck-blog-climate-guru-uses-science-to-debunk-hbos-chernobyl/ By Glenn Beck  < br />Michael Shellenberger takes us through HBO’s “Chernobyl” to explain the truth about nuclear energy. Watch this clip to learn how people looking at their iPhones while walking or driving is responsible for more deaths each day than the Chernobyl catastrophe. This story originally appeared in Glenn Beck

Energy For Africa Week: Climate Activist Aid Groups Accused Of Colonial Mentality

  GWPF Samizdat 30/06/20 Energy For Africa Week Aid Groups Accused Of Colonial Mentality 1) Energy For Africa Week: Aid Groups Accused Of Colonial Mentality The Zimbabwean, 30 June 2020 2) Eco-Colonialism In Africa GWPF TV, 30 June 2020 3) Geoff Hill: Heart Of Darkness & Energy Security GWPF, 30 June 2020 1) Energy For […]

Climate Crisis? What Climate Crisis? ‘A rebound in U.S. production, the world soybean crop will be a record 364 million tonnes in 2020/21, up 8%’

  Successful Farming, 26 June 2020 With a rebound in U.S. production, the world soybean crop will be a record 364 million tonnes in 2020/21, up 8% from this season, said the International Grains Council on Thursday. Record-setting corn and wheat crops were also forecast for 2020/21 and would contribute to the first increase of global stocks […]

Alarmist Claims Of Increasing European Drought Are A Myth, New Scientific Findings Show

https://notrickszone.com/2020/06/26/alarmist-claims-of-increasing-european-drought-are-a-myth-new-scientific-findings-show/ The myth of increasing European drought By Frank Bosse (Translated, edited by P Gosselin) It sounds so simple: it is undoubtedly getting warmer in Central Europe, and this is leading to increasing droughts. If you take the last two summers, this seems to be confirmed. And just like that it was exploited by the […]

WashPost ‘Science’ Reporter Sarah Kaplan Claims ‘Climate Change’ Is a ‘Racial Justice Problem’

https://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/business/joseph-vazquez/2020/06/30/washpost-reporter-says-climate-change-racial-justice By Joseph Vazquez The leftist lunacy of The Washington Post knows no bounds. Washington Post Climate and Science reporter Sarah Kaplan wrote a climate propaganda article masquerading as news. The story was headlined: “Climate change is also a racial justice problem.” In the piece, Kaplan led readers off with the question: “What does racism mean for climate change — and […]

The Green delusion continues to push costs upon the poor

https://www.cfact.org/2020/06/30/the-green-delusion-continues-to-push-costs-upon-the-poor/?utm_source=feedly&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=the-green-delusion-continues-to-push-costs-upon-the-poor By Ronald Stein Those marketing the green delusion have convinced themselves and the public that intermittent electricity from wind and solar are somehow “clean, green, renewable and sustainable”. They have successfully kept transparency from those paying for the green delusion of any information that would damage their message. Facts about greater human and ecological […]

Facebook oversight board urged to tackle climate ‘loophole’ – Steyer & Podesta form group dedicated to censoring skeptics

https://co2coalition.org/2020/07/01/facebook-oversight-board-urged-to-tackle-climate-loophole/ By Ben Geman Prominent environmentalists and Democratic activists say Facebook is “allowing the spread of climate misinformation to flourish, unchecked” and urging the company’s external oversight board to intervene. Driving the news: A new open letter with signatories including Stacey Abrams, John Podesta and Tom Steyer takes aim at distribution of content from a […]

Conservatives Must Have the Courage to Tell the Truth About Carbon Dioxide

https://americaoutloud.com/conservatives-must-have-the-courage-to-tell-the-truth-about-carbon-dioxide/ By Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom HarrisJune 30th, 2020 View Larger Image All across America, virtually all of our educational, political, religious, commercial and media establishment have bought hook line and sinker into the climate scare. When conservatives dare debate the issue at all, they do so entirely on their enemies’ terms: ‘carbon emissions,’ […]