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No Joke: A new spider species named after Greta: Meet the Thunberga Greta

A new type of spider has been found in Africa – and it’s been named after Greta Thunberg!

The Thunberga greta is a new type of huntsman spider found in Madagascar, and arachnologist Peter Jaeger decided to name them after the Swedish climate activist.

Jaeger said his team made the decision “in honour of Greta’s commitment to tackling climate change“.

The new spider was named after Greta in the hope that it’ll draw attention to biodiversity loss in East Africa

The new spiders are different from other huntsman spider because of their different eye arrangement and unique dotted patterns on their backs.

Jaeger said he hoped that by naming the creepy crawlies after Thunberg he could draw attention to the issue of biodiversity loss in Madagascar.

He said: “The rising temperatures affect all areas of nature – including the endemic diversity and spider fauna of Madagascar.”