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Scientists Panic, Because Arctic Is 0.4F Warmer Than In 1915?! ‘Temps like these have always been commonplace in the Arctic’ By Paul Homewood The Arctic is thought to have recorded its hottest ever temperature of 100.4F (38C) in Siberia, an astonishing 32F (18C) above the normal level for this time of year. The mercury shot up to the unprecedented level in Verkhoyansk, 3,000 miles east of Moscow, as the region endures a summer heatwave. […]

Climate Change? Temperature Hits 100 Degrees Above Arctic Circle — Just Like 100 Years Ago The Left’s obsession with Russia continues – This time it’s a high temperature record. By Anthony Watts Over the past few days, social media and news media have been overheating over a new high temperature record in Russia far north Siberia. For example, in this trending tweet, a claim of “literally on fire”. Founder […]

NYT claims Trump has ‘war against climate science’ – Correction: ‘Trump admin is to be cheered for stifling these politicized fraudsters’ who ‘made a mockery of science’

Sorry, NYTimes @LFFriedman… but 'climate science' is a war against 'science' itself. Along w/epidemiologists, so-called 'climate scientists' have made a mockery of science. The Trump admin is to be cheered for stifling these politicized fraudsters. — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) June 15, 2020 Anyone who believes @nytimes has any credibility — on anything — has lost […]

Warmist tout cherry-picked red temperature chart since 1850 to show ‘global warming’ – But 2000 year temperature chart debunks

You may be seeing a lot of stripes today. Here's what it is about: Meteorologists are sharing this colorful representation of global warming over years (blue=colder, red=hotter) #ShowYourStripes Globe (from 1850) & Maryland (1895) here: — @borenbears (@borenbears) June 18, 2020 Reality Check: Of course it looks like global warming when you look […]

‘Controlling What People Think’: The left doesn’t want to argue with conservatives—they want to silence conservatives By Katrina Trinko Kim Holmes, author of “The Closing of the Liberal Mind” and executive vice president at The Heritage Foundation, joins The Daily Signal Podcast to discuss the resignation of New York Times opinion editor James Bennet after he ran an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton, and the outraged reaction to J.K. […]

Noam Chomsky: ‘Trump is the worst criminal in history, undeniably..Trump has committed, the heating of the globe’

Climate cultist Chomsky: “Trump is the worst criminal in history, undeniably…we’re not going to emerge from another crime that Trump has committed, the heating of the globe" — Tom Nelson (@tan123) June 23, 2020 by Alex Henderson Author Noam Chomsky, now 91, is old enough to remember a long list of U.S. presidents, […]