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Ross McKitrick: The flaw in relying on worst-case-scenario climate model – ‘The safe bottom end — we are already there’ Special to Financial Post Ross McKitrick June 23, 2020 12:51 PM EDT Whenever you read a media story about how we’re heading toward catastrophe if we continue operating “business as usual” — i.e., if we don’t slash carbon emissions — the reports are almost always referring to a model simulation using RCP8.5. And you […]

Exposing Al Gore’s Deep Connection to the Post COVID Eco-Socialist ‘Great Reset’ Proposal by Justin Haskins – The Heartland Institute Earlier in June, the World Economic Forum (WEF), a highly influential nonprofit organization based in Europe, announced its plan to push for a “Great Reset” of global capitalism. Among the many world leaders who have already backed the plan are Prince Charles from the United Kingdom; Antonio […]

Systemic Data Tampering: NASA GISS Alters US Southeast Data, Changes Cooling To Warming By Kirye and P. Gosselin Today we look at the NASA data from 6 stations from the US southeast region. In every case the trends were warmed up by what NASA calls “adjusting”. Four of the 6 stations showed a clear cooling trend, which were then altered by NASA to show warming. Another station saw […]

E&E Alarmist Article on Facebook’s Climate Model ‘Fact-checking’ Needs Its Own Fact-Checking E&E News today published a news story backing the opinions of a partisan climate alarmist group that acts as a censor for opposing opinions on Facebook. (see How CO2 boosters’ op-ed slipped by Facebook fact-checkers) Dr. Caleb Stewart Rossiter, a climate statistician who directs the CO2 Coalition of climate scientists and energy economists that is […]

Media still hyping melting glaciers despite historical context of faster melting in 1930s 2012 paper finds glaciers in Glacier National Park retreated up to 6 times faster during the 1930’s than the past 40 years — Paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews ‘Results indicate that alpine glaciers in Glacier National Park advanced and retreated numerous times during the Holocene after the onset of Neoglaciation 6,500 years before […]

Blue states push to preserve unrealistic fuel economy standards – But ‘technology is not dinner — it can’t just be ordered’ By Steve Milloy The original rationale for fuel efficiency standards, originally triggered by the 1970s energy crisis and fears of “peak oil,” was put to rest about 10 years ago by the advent of fracking. Neither shortages nor dependence on foreign oil is really a consideration any longer. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court intervened on […]