Study Finds Warming in West Antarctica Is Due to ‘Natural’ Climate Variability – Not Humans – Media Ignores Study Natural Climate Change in Antarctica Is No News! The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) / by bennypeiser / Ten days ago the journal Science issued an embargoed press release about a forthcoming paper that suggested the warming observed in West Antarctica was due to natural climatic variability. West Antarctica has always been looked on […]

NY Times Debunked: Climate Change NOT Tied to Pregnancy Risks NY Times Debunked: Climate Change NOT Tied to Pregnancy Risks Climate Realism / by James Taylor / The New York Times published a sensationalist June 18 article claiming a new study shows climate change is causing premature, underweight, and stillborn babies. Google News posted the Times article, titled “Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, […]

Claim: ‘U.S. military is biggest polluter on planet so decreasing our military spending will go a long way toward saving the planet’ A New York Primary Challenger Shows Why the Green New Deal Has to Take on the Military – By Dharna Noor Excerpt: “A primary challenger running for Congress in New York’s District 16 is connecting the dots between the world’s remaining carbon budget and the U.S. military budget. Jamaal Bowman is a […]