Claim: Surgical General Anesthetic is Contributing to Climate Change Guest essay by Eric Worrall The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York is apparently cutting back on use of general anaesthesia for hip and knee replacement surgery, to minimise the impact of surgical procedures on global warming. Gases used to knock patients out before they go under the knife are ‘fuelling climate change’ and should […]

New Studies Suggests Sea Levels Are Lower Today Than They Were Even During The Little Ice Age New Studies Suggests Sea Levels Are Lower Today Than They Were Even During The Little Ice Age NoTricksZone: Not here to worship what i… / by Kenneth Richard / Coastal history analyses increasingly suggest sea levels are lower today than at any time in the last 7000 years – even lower than the 1600s […]

Virginia’s latest folly — offshore wind power By David Wojick As reported in an earlier article, Virginia’s green electric power plan calls for 5,000 MW of offshore wind generating capacity to be built in the next decade or so. This is a huge amount given that the worldwide total is just around 15,000 MW. We are talking about something like 800 […]

Media keeps churning identity politics: NYT: ‘Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most’

So stupid… NYTimes @cflav. Warm weather and bad air adversely affects pregnancy so much that India is teeming with people. So stupid. Did I say that already? — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) June 18, 2020 By Christopher Flavelle June 18, 2020 WASHINGTON — Pregnant women exposed to high temperatures or air pollution are more likely […]

See the Skeptical Climate Slide Show AOC Tried, & Failed, to Censor by Dr. Caleb Rossiter This is the slide show and 20-minute talk that Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chellie Pingree tried to censor at the LibertyCon 2020 conference in Washington, D.C. After Dr. Rossiter gave a climate talk at LibertyCon 2019, they wrote to sponsors of the event, such as Google and Facebook, and asked them not to fund […]

Warmist claim: ‘Climate change, COVID19 and race are inter-related’ When ‘pandemics or climate crises…encounter racist systems, they produce racist results’

How #climate change, #COVID19 and race are inter-related. ⁦@craigaltemose⁩ ⁦@billmckibben⁩ — NaomiOreskes (@NaomiOreskes) June 17, 2020 By CRAIG S ALTEMOSE (Craig S. Altemose is the executive director of Better Future Project, the home of 350 Massachusetts, Divest Ed, and Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW). Excerpts: Two key lessons are immediately apparent. […]

Environmentalists lament: ‘It’s almost as if the lockdowns never happened’ – Greens in mourning as lockdowns ease

Oh no! Greens in floods of tears as people attempt to return to normality… — Ben Pile (@clim8resistance) June 18, 2020 It's almost like the pandemic never happened. — Climate Desk (@ClimateDesk) June 18, 2020 What lockdown? Traffic returns, and so do carbon emissions By Shannon Osaka It turns out even a global pandemic […]

Watch: Tony Robbins interviews 7 COVID skeptical experts in ‘Unmasking the Science You Aren’t Hearing on TV’

Via: Tony Robbins: Lockdown Sceptic Yesterday we welcomed William Hague to the skeptical fold; today, it’s the turn of Tony Robbins. The American motivational speaker, with over 900,000 YouTube subscribers, is a lockdown skeptic. In a new video called “Unmasking the Science You Aren’t Hearing on TV“, he interviews seven skeptical experts, including our […]

Fumento: ‘Erosion of trust’: 10 things public health establishment got wrong about coronavirus By Michael Fumento Time and again throughout the coronavirus pandemic you’ve heard it. As public health authorities and state and local elected officials blanketed the nation with restrictions on public mobility and assembly, work and worship, they waved aside doubts and objections with the assurance that they were simply following the “data and the science”; […]