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‘Heatwave propaganda’: BBC ‘Astonished’ By Perfectly Usual Arctic Weather

BBC “Astonished” By Perfectly Usual Arctic Weather!

By Paul Homewood

The BBC have been up to their tricks again, this time with their Arctic heatwave propaganda.

In fact temperatures over 30C are perfectly common events in that part of Russia above the Arctic Circle.

Pesha only has a handful of years of data, but there are plenty of other stations nearby with long, continuous records. (Pesha’s co-ordinates are 66N 47E)

The nearest three with more than 80 years data are:

All three show the same picture, with temperatures over 30C throughout the record:

At Indiga which is the furthest north, for instance, the highest temperature on record is 31.3, set on 26th July 1974.

Although it may sound a bit illogical, high temperatures like these are commonly seen across the Arctic. The reason, as Tony Hellerpoints out, is that during June, the Arctic receives more solar radiation than any place else on Earth.