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Gore Goes Woke: Links ‘white supremacists’ to ‘climate change’ – Gore’s training will have a ‘sustained emphasis on nexus between racism’ & ‘climate’


June 3, 2020

Question Emily Atkin to Al Gore: “Does the new online training address the nexus of racial justice and climate justice in any way?”

Al Gore: “Oh, very definitely. The training is about a good deal more than simply learning the facts and figures and narratives that make up the slideshow. It will have a deep and sustained emphasis on the nexus between racism and diversity and the climate challenge…

These issues are inextricably braided together. The climate issue and the voter suppression issue, for example, are the same issue. There’s a phrase that shows that up on the Internet quite a bit: “Here’s one stupid trick.” Well, the one stupid trick that white supremacists have used for 150 years is to accentuate racial division in order to build support among lower-income, majority-white voters for a corporate agenda that actually hurts them. It does this by increasing the amount of pollution in their communities, keeping wages low, stripping workers in the gig economy of health benefits, family leave, child care, et cetera.”


Gore: “I do think we are crossing, at long last, the fabled good tipping point on climate. I hope that we are close to passing a tipping point on race in America. But I’m old enough and have seen enough to know that that’s a very difficult barrier to hurdle. But I’m optimistic that joining together the climate movement and the racial equality movement will give us strength in numbers that will ultimately lead to success.”

“What you will get is a very solid grounding in the science of climate, the causes of the climate crisis, the nexus between the climate crisis and racism. You will also acquire communication skills, advocacy skills.”

“I have been speaking out quite a bit over the last two months on the nexus between racism and climate and COVID-19, and I guess that gave me a feeling that I was addressing these systemic racism issues.”

“We have always included a very heavy part of our curriculum on the nexus between racism and climate. ”