Eat Bugs! EU Pressing member States to Promote Climate Friendly Insect Protein Diets Guest essay by Eric Worrall h/t Breitbart; European taxpayer’s money is once again being spent on promoting ultra-processed food insect protein meat substitutes, to save the world from climate change. Are Europeans ready for an insect-based diet? By  Florence Schulz | | translated by  Daniel Eck While insect-based foods have so far been a niche product, they are viewed […]

U.S. climate scientist James Hansen pushes for Canadian carbon tax From Friends of Science (Calgary, Alberta) The Canadian Federation of Taxpayers (CTF) has issued a new report on global carbon taxes, showing most countries have frozen or rolled back carbon taxes, but US climate scientist James Hansen is pushing for a $210/t carbon tax in Canada by 2030. Hansen’s argument is that the tax has to be high enough […]

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi’s ‘annual counter to hurricane hype’ By Joe Bastardi |May 27th, 2020|Climate|37 Comments Well it is getting to be an annual thing just before NOAA comes out with their forecast( which I suspect is going to be close to ours, issued first on March 10 calling for a big season.  See our latest here:   as sure as the snow melts 2 […]

‘Crucial’ UN Climate Summit in Scotland poised for full year delay By James S Murray UN widely expected to approve UK government request for crucial Summit to be rescheduled for November 2021 The UK government has written to the UN’s climate change secretariat to request a full year delay to the postponed COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, warning that the spread of the coronavirus pandemic around […]

Analysis: Prof. Andrew Dessler: ‘Climate Alarmist as Energy Expert’ (Part II) – ‘A one-world-government totalitarian in his climate crusade’ By Robert Bradley Jr. — May 28, 2020 “The popular climate discussion … looks at man as a destructive force for climate livability … because we use fossil fuels. In fact, the truth is the exact opposite; we don’t take a safe climate and make it dangerous; we take a dangerous climate and make […]

Analysis: Andrew Dessler: ‘Climate Alarmist as Energy Expert’ (Part I) By Robert Bradley Jr. — May 27, 2020 The idea of presenting both sides of the debate in the name of scholarship is a non-starter with Andrew Dessler because the science is ‘settled,’ climate models have the correct physics, and he knows all he needs to in regard to climate economics, political economy, and public policy. […]

Germany’s DWD National Weather Service Denies Station Siting Problem: ‘Dubious’ All-Time Record Temperature Allowed To Stand By P Gosselin on 26. May 2020 Leading German daily Bild here reports on the controversy, which still continues to swirl, over Germany’s all-time record high temperature recorded last year in North Germany near the Dutch border. Independent meteorologists say the readings needs to be thrown out Last year on July 25th, the Lingen thermometer reached a whopping 42.6°C, far […]

Warmist Sir David Attenborough: ‘Coronavirus pandemic has swept climate change off the front pages’ Guest essay by Eric Worrall Renowned nature film producer Sir David Attenborough is worried media coverage of Chinese Coronavirus is distracting attention away from the real problem. Sir David Attenborough: ‘Coronavirus pandemic has swept climate change off the front pages’ The broadcaster and naturalist, who turned 94 in May, said the outbreak has made […]

Delingpole: Finally YouTube Cancels Michael Moore Documentary – Photographer complaint claims ‘copyright infringement’: ‘I went directly to YouTube…I don’t support the documentary, I don’t agree with its message’

ALERT: YouTube censored Michael Moore film now available to watch on Bitchute – Watch the full film here before climate activists get it banned again! — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) May 27, 2020 By James Delingpole Finally, YouTube has found the flimsy pretext it needed to cancel the controversial Michael Moore-produced eco-documentary which has […]