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France’s new climate plan: Ban supermarket chains, Ban gas-powered cars, Ban TV/radio/print ads for products that generate CO2

President Macron’s attempt to appease yellow-vest protesters has saddled him with radical ecological policy proposals likely to further damage the wobbling French economy.

They stem from his decision to delegate the fight against climate change to 150 members of the public chosen at random.

That group has now come up with a plan to modify the way the French shop, travel and produce food, including the closure of out-of-town hypermarkets to encourage shopping locally, and shelving the 5G network because it uses 30 per cent more electricity than previous iterations.

The panel also wants to prohibit the sale of cars that emit more than 110g of CO2 per kilometre by 2025 — far below that emitted by most existing vehicles, in effect outlawing them…