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Bernie Calls Climate Change Our ‘Greatest Challenge’ Amid Pandemic Bernie Calls Climate Change Our ‘Greatest Challenge’ Amid Pandemic Climate Change Dispatch / by Hannah Bleau / 49min Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) declared the “climate crisis” the “greatest challenge facing humanity” on Thursday, as millions of Americans — and billions of people across the globe — attempt to rebuild and economically recover from the […]

Delingpole: VE Day 75 Years On – Totalitarianism Has Almost Won By James Delingpole Today is the 75th anniversary of VE Day — Victory in Europe Day — and to read some of the comments on social media, you’d think that the defeat of the Nazis was a uniquely left-wing achievement. Conservatives, they seem to imagine, had nothing to do with it because conservatives are […]

LEFTISTS PUSH FOR REMOVAL OF PROGRESSIVE CHAMPION MOORE’S ‘PLANET OF THE HUMANS’ FILM By H. Sterling Burnett Climate Change Weekly #358 Socialist radical environmentalists are repeating history again, eating one of their own, in this case far-left filmmaker and Bernie Sanders supporter Michael Moore. They are trying to destroy the progressive documentarian for honestly pointing out the hypocrisy and lies behind the push for green energy. Even though […]