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Soap made from captured CO2

Soap made from captured CO2

By Molly Burgess

An Alberta, Canada-based company has developed a technology which can turn captured carbon dioxide (CO2) into environmentally friendly soap.

CleanO2’s soap is made from CO2 captured from large commercial buildings before entering the atmosphere and converted into 100% safe pearl ash which is commonly used in soap and detergents.

The company uses CARBiN-X technology, the world’s first decentralised commercial carbon capture device to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the heating industry.

Approximately the size of two refrigerators, the CARBiN-X technology can be fitted to natural gas-powered boilers to reduce both energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

The unit runs waste flue gas through a reaction chamber that uses heat to recover the CO2, which is then combined with a carbon-reduction chemical to create carbonate, a valuable by-product.

Formed twelve years ago when the three founders began brain storming ideas for a science magazine contest, CleanO2 now sells a variety of products on its website and believes captured CO2 products could play a big role in the future.

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