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Financiers of misery – Part 2 – Green eco-imperialism preventing development in poor nations By Paul Driessen |April 24th, 2020|Civil Rights, Economy|21 Comments It’s easy to farm organically in the wealthy, advanced EU and USA, where consumers can afford much more expensive organic meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables. It’s much harder if you have to deal with the insects and crop diseases that plague African farmers on constant massive levels and locusts […]

The real climate change deniers By Paul Driessen |April 26th, 2020|Climate|263 Comments Fifty years ago, I helped organize Earth Day #1 programs on my college campus, calling attention to serious pollution problems that afflicted much of the USA. Over the ensuing decades, laws, regulations, and changed attitudes, practices and technologies reduced most of that pollution, often dramatically. I didn’t buy the 1970 […]

Tale of two panics — Covid & Climate By David Wojick |April 27th, 2020|Climate, Economy, Environment|126 Comments While they are occurring on vastly different time scales, the Covid-19 panic and the climate change panic are remarkably similar. Perhaps there are certain basic social panic mechanisms that always occur, which are yet to be discovered. Yet in any case the striking similarities between these two are worth […]

Question climate ‘authority’ By Peter Murphy | A growing number of Americans are getting fed up with state coronavirus lock-downs that are keeping their businesses closed and destroying their livelihoods. They are rightly questioning the rationale and science that influenced these government edicts, including by protest, as the economically destructive effects are increasingly unacceptable and not sustainable. Americans should do the same […]

Imagine our Covid-19 response running on wind and solar power By Dr. Jay Lehr  Until the Pandemic struck the world, the desire of the progressive political movement in the United States and much of the world that was focused on ridding the planet of fossil fuels, said to be negatively altering the planet’s climate. These folks are fully convinced that the world, at its present […]

Al Gore Falsely Claims Fossil Fuels Raise Coronavirus Death Rate By H. Sterling Burnett Al Gore falsely attempted to blame fossil fuels for raising the coronavirus death rate during a February 27 MSNBC interview. In reality, economic prosperity brought by the use of abundant, affordable fossil fuels results in lower death rates from viruses and epidemics. Also, viruses like influenza and COVID-19 thrive in […]

UN was too busy pushing global warming ‘to see pandemic threat’ Watch Video: Instead of preparing the world for the next global health crisis after the 2003 SARS pandemic, the United Nations has been focussed on peddling the “myth of global warming” according to Sky News host Rowan Dean.

EU Between Green Deal And Survival Voice of America The coronavirus crisis risks becoming an existential crisis for the European Union, say diplomats and analysts, as the EU struggles to coordinate a financial response to the pandemic. Last week, the EU’s national leaders struck an interim agreement on a recovery deal with an emergency fund of about $581 million (a half-billion euros), which the hardest hit […]

Claim: RIP climate alarmism: 20 reasons why the Wuhan Flu is the final nail in the climate alarmists’ coffin By Craig Kelly Reason No.1: The complete collapse in trust in the United Nations and its associated organisations The World Health Organisation and the International Panel on Climate Change are both specialised agencies of the United Nations.  The collapse in trust in the W.H.O and the United Nations resulting from their conduct during the COVID-19 pandemic will […]

Warmist Eric Holthaus envisions Earth Day 2070: ‘A world not focused on growth, but on life. A world not focused on ownership, but on solidarity’

50 years from now, we will have established a globally-connected ecological society. That’s not just wishy-washy ecosocialist utopianism. It’s a scientific fact that must be true in order for us to survive as a civilization. — Eric Holthaus (@EricHolthaus) April 23, 2020 Eric HOLTHAUS Climate correspondent What could the world look like 50 […]