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George Gilder on Covid-19: ‘This crisis is over’ – Warns ‘not to shut down the economy again for the totally bogus’ crisis’ of climate change’

George Gilder Excerpt:

Flattening the curve was always a fool’s errand that widened the damage….

President Trump had better take notice. He will soon own this gigantic botch of policy and leadership. The latest figures on overall death rates from all causes show no increase at all. Deaths are lower than in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2015, slightly higher than in 2016.

Statistician William Briggs calls “the most colossal and costly blown forecast of all time.”…

Briggs concludes: “Since pneumonia deaths are up, yet all deaths are down, it must mean people are being recorded as dying from other things at smaller rates than usual.” Deaths from other causes are simply being ascribed to the coronavirus.

We now know that the crisis was a comedy of errors. No evidence indicates that this flu was exceptionally dangerous. Crammed together in subways and tenements, the New Yorkers registered a brief blip of extreme cases. Intubations and ventilators turned out not to help (80 percent died).

“the case for extreme measures collapses like a house of cards.”

So let’s stop pretending that our policies have been rational and need to be phased out, as if they once had a purpose. They should be reversed summarily and acknowledged to be a mistake, perpetrated by statisticians with erroneous computer models.

Perhaps then we can learn from this experience with the flaws of expertise not to shut down the economy again for the totally bogus “crisis” of climate change.