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European Green New Deal advisor sees ‘ecological benefits’ to COVID-19 lockdowns – Seeks ‘a planned approach to reducing unnecessary industrial activity’


A Fairer, Greener Economy Must Emerge From COVID-19

In response to a question on the potential ecological and environmental benefits of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Jason Hickel, lecturer in economic anthropology at Goldsmiths University and member of the advisory board of the Green New Deal for Europe, said:

“When you do scale down energy use and industrial production then it does have these ecological benefits but the crucial thing to observe here is that this is happening in an unplanned, chaotic way which is hurting peoples’ lives. We would never advocate for such a thing in climate policy. What we need is a planned approach to reducing unnecessary industrial activity that has no connection to human welfare and that also disproportionately benefits already wealthy people as opposed to ordinary people. So, there are much more equitable, just, and carefully planned ways to approach this kind of problem than what is happening now.”

Professor Kevin Anderson, said: “We need to be moving away from private transport and have really good quality public transport which poorer people in our society already have to use, but it’s low-quality public transport – so that’s great public transport for large swathes of our society.”

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