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Earth Day activists weaponize coronavirus pandemic – ‘Morano cites 30 examples of excited commentary from Al Gore, the UN, and PBS to name a few’


“The coronavirus pandemic does not shut us down. Instead, it reminds us of what’s at stake in our fight for the planet. If we don’t demand change to transform our planet and meet our climate crisis, our current state will become the new normal,” counsels

It presents an opportunity to re-brand the environmental mission and drum up interest.

“The climate activist community has been waiting for decades for this type of muscular government intervention in the economy and society. They have long sought to seize the opportunity to impose their world view, central planning and the banning of what they deem are non climate-friendly aspects of our lives and remake society in their image. In short: If you like living under the coronavirus fears and government-mandated lockdowns, then you’ll love living your life under a climate emergency,” advises Marc Morano, founder of the Climate Depot, which has long debunked extreme climate theory.

Media coverage showcases striking images of blue skies, mountaintops and pristine city streets, suggesting air pollution has abated and animal life is stirring anew. Mr. Morano cites 30 examples of excited commentary from Al Gore, the United Nations, and PBS to name a few. Eager activists are now hatching an agenda.

“The climate movement may now be poised to plan and dictate a new earth-friendly world in the aftermath of the coronavirus. The climate activists quickly began to mobilize how to use the governments’ response to the coronavirus pandemic as a model for the climate scare,” Mr. Morano observes. “Many in the climate action community essentially want the public to get used to this living under some sort of lockdown. They want at least a portion of these governmental lockdown powers to remain and be used for climate change after the coronavirus pandemic passes.”

Others agree.

“The coronavirus police state is only temporary I hope. The climate police state would be permanent,” tweeted Steve Milloy, founder of, a news site citing faulty scientific data and analysis.

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