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Now we ‘can all see what a carbon-constrained economy looks like’

Sky News host Chris Kenny says a “strange take” on the deadly coronavirus pandemic and climate change has been raised by former NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr.

Mr Carr was recently appointed to a climate and businesses focused position at Sydney’s UTS University and penned an article on the issue of the coronavirus and its impacts as a climate threat.

Mr Kenny said Bob Carr “sees the pandemic as bad for climate action, which he says is a bigger emergency”.

He said the former state Labor leader should “chill” on the climate issue given what is happening now.

“Nothing has cut global greenhouse gas emissions better than a stalled economy,” Mr Kenny said.

“Given the global shut down we’re going through, you’d have to think greenhouse emissions will go backwards this year”.

“This shutdown, far from hurting the climate alarmists’ campaign, shows them exactly what a carbon constrained economy looks like”.