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Analysis: ‘Virus War successful, but the Patient Died’

Special to Climate Depot Virus War successful, but the Patient Died The Virus Slowdown was Successful –   but the Depressed Patient Died in Poverty By Viv Forbes In their frantic attempts to delay the spread of the Wuhan virus, governments are sowing the seeds of economic depression and currency destruction, which will blight Australian lives for a […]

UN environment chief: ‘Nature is sending us a message’ with coronavirus & climate change By Damian Carrington Destruction of wildlife and the climate crisis is hurting humanity, with Covid-19 a ‘clear warning shot’, say experts Damian Carrington Environment editor  @dpcarrington Wed 25 Mar 2020 03.00 EDTLast modified on Wed 25 Mar 2020 16.15 EDT Nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing climate crisis, according to the […]

Democrats Retreat On Using Coronavirus Relief Bill For Green New Deal The Washington Times House Speaker Nancy Pelosi beat a retreat Tuesday from the massive coronavirus wish list of Green New Deal projects, immigration measures and other non-virus changes she and fellow Democrats had proposed just hours earlier. She signaled in several television interviews that her troops would likely accept the deal that will emerge […]

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: Covid-19 and climate false equivalencies By Joe Bastardi  First of all, this is in no way meant to minimize the threat from Covid-19. In fact the opposite. It is meant to point out similarities in some of the messaging that goes on with climate and this virus. I have written on this to some extent previously, but I wanted to […]

‘Let’s not let this crisis go to waste’: Coronavirus offers ‘a chance to do capitalism differently’ – Government has the upper hand, ‘It must seize the moment’ By Mariana Mazzucato The world is in a critical state. The Covid-19 pandemic is rapidly spreading across countries, with a scale and severity not seen since the devastating Spanish flu in 1918. Unless coordinated global action is taken to contain it, the contagion will soon become an economic and financial one too. The magnitude of the […]

America faces a COVID-19/Economic crossroads By Peter Murphy  We live in dangerous times and it could get much worse in the weeks ahead, both for public health and the economy. At this moment, the United States and the world are accumulating numbers of people contracting the COVID-19 coronavirus and numbers of people losing their jobs and businesses. Both have an […]

Fight virus not carbon dioxide By David Wojick  The vast sums proposed to be spent under dubious national Green New Deals should be spent instead on health care, especially virus prevention and protection. This is the gist of an “Open Letter to World Leaders” from the Climate Intelligence Foundation. Here is what CLINTEL says up front: “Your Excellencies, compared to […]

Will a coronavirus mirage of clean air, water inspire climate action — or make things worse? By Will Bunch OK, let’s be clear about one thing: Dolphins aren’t actually frolicking in the canals of a deserted Venice, a city on lockdown like the rest of Italy because of the global pandemic. But — as is sometimes the case — those misleading or faked viral tweets are an exaggerated version of something that is true, […]

COVID 19 message to Bill Gates You know better than this: We need you now! Friend, Is it Great Depression time in America? As we work together to combat COVID-19, much of America is shuttered and our economy stopped.  We need to keep people safe, no doubt about it, but if we don’t keep the economy moving there’s a world […]

Analysis: Covid-19: A glimpse of the dystopia greens want us to live in – Shows us ‘what life would be like if environmentalists got their way’ By Brendan O’Neill Greens just can’t help themselves. As the rest of us do what we can to tackle or withstand the Covid-19 crisis, they treat it as a sign, a warning from nature, a telling-off to hubristic, destructive mankind. The speed with which they have folded this pandemic into their misanthropic narrative about […]