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Former Harvard Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl: ‘Every rational person must realize that this ‘war on Covid-19’ is absolutely suicidal

Dr. Motl Excerpts:

Every rational person must realize that this “war on Covid-19” is absolutely suicidal.

Most of the Western nations just seem brain-dead at this moment. Brainwashed hysterical cowardly sheep that have been switched into an irrational survival mode

This disease differs from flu in some technical aspects but it’s still analogous to flu, not to an invasion of Martians as the fake news media claim 24 hours a day.

Mankind of 2020 is the first iteration of mankind in the recorded history that seems willing to buy the insane idea that “we must pay whatever it takes” to fight this virus. Our ancestors knew better.

Japan wisely reopened schools and businesses two days ago and started to behave as if nothing “totally special” were taking place – because nothing totally special is really taking place.

The nations that will avoid these suicidal shutdowns – shutdowns that will become increasingly difficult to exit from – will have an incredible advantage over others

the hysterical loons’ policies to “fight” with the virus on the national level “whatever it takes” are capable of ruining whole nations.

Great Viral Depression

By Lubos Motl

The number of things that are happening in the context of the Covid-19 hysteria is too high. Billions of gullible people were programmed to be impressed by every death caused by this flu-like disease if not every infection – and to eagerly expect the news about a new death. So they’re even more impressed when these numbers doubled in a week, and they did. There will be more doublings. The propagation looks almost identical to flu: in two or three months, it may also spread from “almost nobody” to 2-3 percent of the Czech population.

However, before the Covid-19 deaths are substantially above 600,000 (let’s assume that in 2020), we can’t even say that this is a year with the higher-than-average mortality due to flu-like diseases. This is obviously one of the basic points underlying any rational perspective on this new virus type. Even now, it’s possible that the number of flu-like deaths (which is meant to include pneumonia) will be globally lower in 2020 than it was in 2019 or 2018.

Meanwhile, the civilization is being totally deconstructed. An economic growth in 2020 seems impossible and the word recession seems like an almost guaranteed euphemism, too. Due to the hysteria ignited by the filthy scum that we should have neutralized but we were too obviously too weak, we’re surely heading towards a Great Depression. I will call it the Great Viral Depression, GVD. Whether it will be deeper than the Great Depression of the early 1930s is yet to be seen.

Our civilization should have better and more rational ways to deal with infections and deaths than around the 1918-1920 Spanish flu (and even the 1968-1969 Hong Kong flu). Instead, we seem more chaotic and, in many respects, more vulnerable. It should also have better financial tools to shorten and end a depression. I suppose that trillions of dollars will be poured into the economies, bonds, stock markets, and thrown from the helicopters in very many ways. It’s already starting. It’s kind of needed. Inflation may be restarted – which could have been a better way to proceed after 1930, too. But the waters will be wild and many companies and individuals will suffer.