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Toronto Star Columnist: COVID-19 deaths are ‘not where the terror lies. The true terror is mass death and that could become reality if we don’t tackle climate change’ By Heather Malick – Star Columnist Fri., March 20, 2020 When the coronavirus catastrophe finally ends, what will we have learned from it? Good lessons about citizenship, social cohesion, hygiene and patience but also about shamelessly venal politicians, even greater domestic abuse of women in a crisis, hoarding, secret health violations that harm others, […]

In the Face of a Pandemic, Climate Activists Reevaluate Their Tactics: ‘No one wants to hear about climate change’

“No one wants to hear about climate change now—not even climate change activists,” she said. “It’s like shouting in a gale storm: Nobody’s listening to you.” BY JUDY FAHYS Until the coronavirus crisis exploded in the United States, Cherise Udell was helping to organize a national climate-action training aimed at mobilizing as many as […]

Plastic bag bans aren’t helping us fight against coronavirus – Calls to reverse bans on single-use plastic grocery bags By Angela Logomasini Before the novel coronavirus pandemic hit, warnings about potential public health consequences of banning single-use plastics in the name of environmental protection fell on deaf ears. But now people are wisely calling on lawmakers in New York, California, and other states and localities to reverse bans and regulations on single-use plastic […]