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Chris Horner: When ‘Climate’ Isn’t About the Climate At All By Christopher Horner Opinion polls confirm that “climate change” is still valiantly holding on in its fight to remain dead as an issue of actionable public concern. Some state attorneys general claim this is because of dark forces, and they will use their law enforcement powers to ensure the public hears only the one, sanctioned Truth. Ominous […]

Climate Litigation: a Government Grab for Cash By Christopher Horner Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) is a clumsy bully, particularly when it comes to those who disagree with his obsession with redesigning society in response to climate alarmism. Whitehouse is also a promiscuous filer of often angry amicus curiae or “friend of the court,” briefs; his pet peeve is that parties who disagree with […]

Matt Ridley becomes full government coronavirus ‘clampdown’ advocate: ‘We clampdown hard now’ and may have ‘clampdown again when the virus resurges’ We are about to find out how robust civilization is The hardships ahead will be like nothing we have ever known From magazine issue: 21 March 2020 By Matt Ridley Excerpts:  There are no good outcomes from here. Many people will die prematurely. Many will lose their jobs. Many businesses will go under. Many people will suffer […]