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Watch: Morano on TV: Coronavirus hysteria is the future environmentalists want: – The Ezra Levant’s Show

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant ShowClimate Depot‘s Marc Morano joined me to talk about the environmentalist praise for the #coronavirus.

Marc says that government control in the form of quarantines and rationing is what radical environmentalists envision for the world. While quarantines are in place as a safety method to slow the spread of COVID-19 by encouraging people to stay home and away from travel, this is exactly how today’s climate warriors think governments should control populations to tamp down on carbon emissions.

Earlier this week, the entire country of Italy was put on a nation-wide lockdown to combat the high number of infections in that country.

“If you like life under coronavirus fears and government action, then you’ll love life under the climate agenda.”


Partial Transcript:

Morano on proposed COVID lockdowns: “It lowers carbon footprint. It reduces travel and here’s the key thing, it increases government intrusion. I mean, imagine this: quarantines, shutting down of industries, keeping kids home from school, shutting entire sporting events down. They’re looking at essentially a dictatorial style in response to this and many governments.

As Roosevelt said at the beginning of World War II, FDR: ‘The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.’ So the greatest threat we face is the government and media counter-reaction to this virus. But it’s really a chilling effect and it should be an eye-opener to anyone willing to investigate.”

Morano: “They are just drooling at the prospect of this government expansion government power that’s going to happen because of coronavirus fears. And they want to apply those powers for climate, and they want the public to get used to this way of living. They want the public to get used to the travel restrictions, to get used to quarantines, to get used to — as the UK power chief said —  get used to electricity only when it’s available. They want people to get used to living the life they want only when it’s government-approved and okayed by your health official.
So this is the vision. Living under a quarantined viral virus hysteria is how climate activists envision the future living under a climate emergency. It’s a real eye-opener. If you like life under coronavirus fears and government action, then you’ll love life under the climate agenda.”