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PBS’ Amanpour Finds Eco ‘Silver Lining’ In COVID-19 Outbreak: Economic slowdown ‘has caused a reduction in carbon emissions’

PBS’ Amanpour Finds Eco ‘Silver Lining’ In COVID-19 Outbreak

On Monday’s Amanpour & Co., PBS/CNN International host Christiane Amanpour echoed climate alarmists who have suggested that the Coronavirus has been good for the climate by depressing human activity as she suggested there has been a “silver lining” for the environment in China.

The show also gave an unchallenged forum to climate alarmist and author Christiana Figueres, an architect of the Paris climate accords, who made dire predictions about how difficult to inhabit the world will be in 2050 if carbon dioxide emissions are not cut in the next decade.

After doing a segment to discuss the latest on the Coronavirus outbreak, Amanpour then segued:

CHRISTIANE AMANPOUR: So if there is a silver lining to this crisis, it’s visible in the skies above China. The dramatic slowdown in manufacturing and driving has caused a reduction in carbon emissions. We’ve all seen these NASA satellite images which show the improvement in China’s air quality.

The PBS host then introduced the pre-recorded interview, conducted by contributor Sheelah Kolhatkar, by noting that Figueres is promoting her book, The Future We Choose.

Kolhatkar was then seen hyperbolically claiming that there is an “environmental freefall” and “crisis” as she began her interview:

SHEELAH KOLHATKAR: So there’s a sense right now that we are in something of an environmental freefall


KOLHATKAR: Crisis is a good way of putting it. Just at the moment when things seem really dire and urgent, it feels, at least from the outside, that policy decisions, global cooperation, all of that is sort of moving backwards. What are the odds that we could turn things around in time?

You’re never going to get skepticism on eco-doom from CNN (who scared Americans in the 1990s with The People Bomb) or PBS (who in the same decade ran a ten-hour climate doom-fest called Race to Save the Planet). Back then, we had to act in a very short time!

After the two discussed the issue of the world allegedly needing to cut emissions by 2030 to prevent dire consequences that would around 2050, Kolhatkar followed up: “Could you describe a little bit what that world would look like if we just continued laissez-faire on the path that we’re on?”

Figueres began with doom and gloom predictions:

FIGUERES: So, in the year 2050, if we do not do what we have to do by the human race, we will walk out of our homes, and we will not be able to walk down the street without putting a mask on because the air is going to be so polluted that it will be life-threatening. We will not be able — because of heat — we will not be able to exercise or play outside.

She went on to predict millions of people migrating to seek food and water, and democratic governments being overthrown by unrest.

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