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GOP, courting youth, talks climate change – Seeks to plant 1 trillion trees By Michael Wilner and Emma Dumain Tribune News Service WASHINGTON — Republicans long divided over the scale, scope and science of climate change are unifying behind legislation geared toward a constituency they cannot afford to lose: young conservative voters. Their efforts to reach this key group for the 2020 election are rapidly accelerating. Within […]

‘We Can Save Earth’: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Announces $10-Billion Climate Action Plan – The ‘Bezos Earth Fund’ By Chris White Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Monday a $10-billion plan to tackle what he says is the most important threat facing human beings: man-made global warming. Bezos is pressing forward with what he dubbed the Bezos Earth Fund, an initiative he hopes will spur investments to find climate solutions. His statement came […]

Watch: CNN’s Rare Moment of Clarity on Climate?! CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: ‘The Sanders Green Energy Plan Is Magical Thinking’

Watch CNN's Fareed Zakaria rip apart Bernie's "magical thinking" about the Green New Deal and indirectly endorse the Trump approach that includes nuclear power and fracking: — Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) February 17, 2020 BY JOHN SEXTON CNN’s Fareed Zakaria said something yesterday that few people in the media have mentioned: Bernie Sanders […]

Is ‘All-Time Antarctic 20.75C Record High Temperature’ Just A Sensational Hoax? Station Data Show Only 16C – WMO cites media as source By P Gosselin In Germany there have been rumors that the alleged Antarctic Seymour Island “all-time Antarctic record high” of 20.75°C set on February 9th is a hoax – originating by the AFP news agency and then spread by The Guardian. The alleged 20.75°C was supposedly logged by Brazilian scientists and was supposedly almost a full degree higher […]

New Study: Greenland’s Largest Glacier Has Rapidly Thickened Since 2016…Fueled By 1.5°C Regional Ocean Cooling By Kenneth Richard Greenland’s largest glacier (Jakobshavn) has quite abruptly thickened since 2016. The thickening has been so profound the ice elevations are nearly back to 2010-2011 levels. The nearby ocean has cooled ~1.5°C – a return to 1980s-era temperatures. The world’s glaciers have not been following along with the CO2-driven catastrophic melting narrative. […]