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Bjorn Lomborg: Debunking Australia’s fire myths – ‘Globally, wildfire burns less land than it used to. Surprisingly, this decrease is even true for Australia’

Fighting Australia’s fire myths

Scenes of devastation from Australia’s bushfires have been heart-breaking. How do we stop this suffering? For many campaigners and politicians, the answer is clear-cut: drastic climate policies. When we examine the evidence, this simple answer falls short.

Globally, wildfire burns less land than it used to. Surprisingly, this decrease is even true for Australia. And a new review of the available data suggests it’s not actually possible to detect a link between global warming and fire for Australia today. To address Australia’s fire problem, there are much more effective policies than carbon cuts.

Read Bjorn Lomborg’s new op-ed in The Australian. The article is also available in Danish language (Berlingske).

During a recent visit to Australia, Lomborg discussed the fires on national television (Sky News, The Kenny Report) and radio (2GB, The Alan Jones Show).


‘Less of Australia burning’ despite activists’ claims
While global warming does have an impact on the severity of bushfires it is not the only factor politicians need to consider, according to Environmental Economist Bjorn Lomborg.

Mr Lomborg said while the recent bushfire season was very significant, “if we go back in history about 11 per cent of Australia’s surface used to burn every year in 1900” and “today that number is about 5.3 per cent”.

“So we have seen more than half of the area burnt, partly because we have much more agriculture and we have better forest management – we have actually done a lot to reduce the area,” Mr Lomborg told Sky News.