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NYT reveals how Trump administration was duped into promoting planting trees as a climate ‘solution’ – Meanwhile, even UN IPCC and journal Nature ‘find that global-scale deforestation has a net cooling influence on Earth’s climate’

By Steve Milloy

The New York Times libeled me this morning. But you decide who is lying.

Here is today’s New York Times article (online Feb. 12, in print Feb. 13) about how President Trump was talked into into the Trillion Tree Initiative.

The NYTimes reports:

Past the fact that nothing I have stated about climate has been falsified by anyone, there is this overarching irony about the NYTimes article.

The article and Trillion Tree Initiative are based on the notion that planting trees is some sort of climate “solution.”

But readers of JunkScience know that this is false. And you don’t have to take my word for it — take the IPCC’s.

Check out this IPCC report from August 2019.

The chart below (from Chapter 2) shows that deforestation in the Northern Hemisphere has a cooling effect — or that afforestation/reforestation in the Northern Hemisphere has a net warming effect (due to decreased albedo). That is, trees darken the Earth’s surface so as to absorb more solar UV (vs. lighter surfaces that reflect more UV), resulting in more infrared radiation being re-radiated into the atmosphere to be trapped by greenhouse gases.

That’s right… trees cause global warming. This has been known for some time. I first wrote about it in a column in 2007 based on a study in Nature. (Nature study except:We find that global-scale deforestation has a net cooling influence on Earth’s climate, because the warming carbon-cycle effects of deforestation are overwhelmed by the net cooling associated with changes in albedo and evapotranspiration.)

So, NYTimes, who is peddling false theories now?