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Canadian City cancels Climate Skeptic Dr. Patrick Moore from sustainability conference The City of Regina is axing self-described “sensible environmentalist” Patrick Moore from its sustainability conference this spring. During a press conference at city hall Friday afternoon, Coun. Mike O’Donnell said Moore’s keynote speech has become a detraction to the overall objective of the Reimagine Conference, which is to foster meaningful discussion around how to […]

Extinction Rebellion Climate Activists Put Hollywood On Notice Ahead of Oscars Sonali Kolhatkar speaks with Kori Malia, the City Lead of Youth Climate Strike Santa Monica, and Dilan Gohill, an organizer with Extinction Rebellion Youth Los Angeles. In late January climate activists with groups like Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles targeted JP Morgan Chase Bank in Hollywood calling on account holders to divest from a bank they say is the most responsible […]

NY Times columnist – Racist homes?! ‘The single-family home is out of step with the future…single-family zoning has a history in segregation’ The communists are coming for our homes — which are unsustainable and racist. "The single-family home is out of step with the future… a big house with a backyard should be a rarity… single-family zoning has a history in segregation." — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) February 6, 2020 Let’s Quit Fetishizing the Single-Family Home […]

The Real Reason Glasgow’s UN Climate Summit Will Be A Nightmare Charles Moore, The Spectator The Prime Minister is in a trap of his own making by sucking up to David Attenborough Regardless of one’s views on climate change, one should welcome the fact that Boris Johnson removed Claire Perry O’Neill from her post as president of this year’s Conference of the Parties (COP 26), […]

Yale Says Fracking Causes Sexually-Transmitted Diseases by Josh Bloom Researchers from the Yale School of Public Health published one of the dumbest papers we’ve ever seen. They claim that some areas in which fracking takes place (Texas only) have more sexually transmitted diseases. Embarrassingly funny and, yes, “fracking” stupid. It is difficult to describe how badly I wanted to include […]

Analysis: ‘Global Warming’s 50 Years of Fraud’ By Jack Hellner The theory for those pushing the green new deal or some other radical energy policy that will destroy tens of millions of jobs and greatly harm the poor and middle class is that humans, CO2, and fossil fuels cause warming and climate change. This warming causes the ice to melt in Alaska, […]

‘Climate Cult’ Using Environmentalism As A ‘Trojan Horse’ For Marxism By Jamie Spry ‘Marxist-left’ using environmentalism as a ‘trojan horse’ for Marxism | Sky News Australia “BEING stupid enough to open the gates and let the Trojan horse in, only to find it’s nothing about water, the sky, the bush, or indeed humanity is madness.” – Peta Credlin “THE urge to save humanity is almost always […]

AOC Wants Govt. To Build Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Nationwide BY DAVID SHEPARDSON Two U.S. lawmakers on Thursday will unveil legislation that would create a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network to promote the shift from gasoline-powered vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Democratic Representatives Andy Levin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are releasing legislation dubbed the “EV Freedom Act” to create a network of high-speed […]

New Study: Greenland Was ‘4–5 °C Warmer Than Today’ ~9000 Years Ago…When The Arctic Was Nearly Sea-Ice Free By Kenneth Richard on 6. February 2020 Scientists (Syring et al., 2020) find almost sea ice-free conditions pervaded a much warmer northern Greenland region during the Early Holocene.  Arctic sea ice extent has “continuously” grown for ~4800 years, with modern conditions a bit lower than the peak of the last few centuries. Image Source: Syring et al., 2020 […]