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Let the Mayor know what you think! Mayor looking to appease climate mob! City of Regina pressured to cancel speech by climate skeptic Patrick Moore

Excerpt: After social media backlash, Mayor Michael Fougere has asked organizers to reconsider the role Patrick Moore will have at the city’s sustainability conference this spring.

“He is controversial, that is clear and so I’ve asked the co-chairs to look at this again,” said Fougere in an interview Monday, adding he doesn’t want anyone to lose sight of the overall goal of the conference, which is to spark debate and discussion on how to reach renewable energy goals.

Speaking to the Leader-Post late afternoon, Moore urged people not to “pre-judge” his presentation, but to come and see it. “These people don’t know what I’m going to talk about because I have a new presentation that I haven’t given to many audiences before.”

Moore is on the board of directors of the CO2 Coalition, an organization that promotes the idea creating carbon dioxide is beneficial to the world. He has been widely criticized for calling the climate crisis fake news and fake science. “There is no climate crisis,” he said on an episode of Fox & Friends last year.

Moore denied he’s a climate change denier. While he agrees the climate is changing, “I don’t agree that we have any serious evidence that CO2 is actually the main driver of the whole world’s climate,” he said. “We do have an effect on the climate, at least at that local level. At a global level there is no actual hard evidence that we are in charge of the global climate,” he contended.

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