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Don’t let the Left silence Patrick Moore

Don’t let the Left silence Patrick Moore


The Left is trying to silence a respected scientist and climate skeptic. Don’t let them!

Dr. Patrick Moore is scheduled to deliver the keynote address to the “Reimagine Conference 2020” which will take place May 20-21 in Regina, the capitol of Saskatchewan, Canada.

Left-wing climate pressure groups are circulating petitions to have him removed and Regina Mayor Michael Foungere is buckling under the pressure.  He’s asked the conference co-chairs to “review” Patrick Moore’s inclusion in the program.  The people who invited Dr. Moore want to stand up to the Mayor and let the conference hear what he has to say.

Click here now and send a message to Mayor Foungere.  Ask him not to silence Dr. Patrick Moore.

Patrick Moore, who holds a PH.D. in ecology, is well known for his vast knowledge and his fearlessness in presenting the facts that correct the record on climate change.

Patrick Moore is also well known as one of the original founders of Greenpeace.  He walked away from that organization when Greenpeace strayed from its original mission of protecting the environment and Greenpeace went all-in with the radical Left.

Civil discourse requires hearing different points of view.  Patrick Moore’s views are impeccably researched and deserve a hearing.

The climate campaigners working to silence Dr. Moore don’t fear that he’ll say something that isn’t true, they’re afraid he’ll present truths they find inconvenient to their narrative.

Let the facts be heard.  Let Dr. Patrick Moore be heard.

Take action now!

For nature and people too,

Craig Rucker



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