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Amazon employees protest companies climate policies for ‘working with the oil and gas industries’

Ogle added that Amazon’s public stance on the climate “does not add up” with its cloud-computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS), working with the oil and gas industries.

  • More than 340 Amazon employees signed onto a post published Sunday criticizing the company’s climate stance and protesting its external communications policy.
  • It comes after Amazon threatened to fire two employees for speaking out against its climate stance, claiming they violated the policy.
  • The employees also called out Amazon’s treatment of warehouse workers and business with immigration agencies.
Environmentalists protesting outside Amazon’s shareholder meeting
Paayal Zaveri | CNBC

More than 340 Amazon employees are protesting the company’s external communications policy.

The employees signed onto a Medium post published Sunday by advocacy group Amazon Employees for Climate Justice. It includes signatures and quotes from Amazon employees, all of which are named, across several divisions of the company.