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The ‘climate emergency’ is a threat to democracy – Governments must ‘protect us from the enemy…but the enemy happens to be us’ By TIM BLACK One week, it’s that old Malthusian David Attenborough telling us ‘the moment of crisis has come’. The next it’s that young Malthusian Greta Thunberg telling us ‘our house is still on fire’ and ‘inaction is fuelling the flames’. Both express the key elements of today’s environmentalist script. The shrill tone. The end-is-nigh urgency. […]

A Constructive Tomorrow: Cancer rates see largest single-year drop! By CFACT |January 24th, 2020|Science|8 Comments According to the American Cancer Society, “the largest single-year drop ever recorded” for cancer deaths in America took place from 2016-17 in the amount of a 2.2 percentage point decrease. This is the most recent time period that data is available. What’s more is that since 1991, cancer deaths have […]

Aussie ABC says Arson = 1%. NSW police say 42% of fires are man-made. 9% are ‘natural’. Rest unknown. (So far) ABC says Arson = 1%. NSW police say 42% of fires are man-made. 9% are “natural”. Rest unknown. (So far) JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax / by Jo Nova / 4h It’s an arson epidemic Holy Smoke Batman! An astonishing 12,000 fires have started in New South Wales since August. The police have […]

Chris Cuomo Says Greta Thunberg Is Off Limits Because She’s A ‘Kid.’ Twitter Users Recall Some Recent CNN History CNN host Chris Cuomo received some unsolicited CNN history from Twitter users on Thursday after a post declaring teenaged climate activist Greta Thunberg off limits because she is “a kid.” “Why do these trumpers think it is ok to go at a kid?” Cuomo tweeted, along with a link to a Washington Post article […]

Elizabeth Warren Demands Banks Provide Their Climate Disaster Plans Elizabeth Warren Demands Banks Provide Their Climate Disaster Plans Watts Up With That? / by Eric Worrall / 15h Guest essay by Eric Worrall Democrat candidate Elizabeth Warren has stepped up efforts to discover new reasons to be outraged. Warren calls on big U.S. banks for steps on climate risk Ann Saphir, Lindsay Dunsmuir […]

Trump Has A Suggestion For Greta Thunberg: ‘Greta has to start working on those other countries’ responsible for ocean ‘garbage flows’ President Donald Trump gave teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg a suggestion during a news conference Wednesday in Davos, Switzerland. “We have a beautiful ocean called the Pacific Ocean, where thousands and thousands of tons of garbage flows toward us, and that’s put there by other countries,” Trump said. “So I think Greta has to […]

‘AP Explains: How climate change feeds Africa locust invasion’ – ‘Warmer temperatures are favorable conditions for locust breeding’ By CARA ANNAyesterday JOHANNESBURG (AP) — Locusts by the millions are nibbling their way across a large part of Africa in the worst outbreak some places have seen in 70 years. Is this another effect of a changing climate? Yes, researchers say. An unprecedented food security crisis may be the result. The locusts “reproduce […]