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‘Imbeciles…moronic stuff’: Physicist Unleashes on European Green Deal’s as a ‘standard Marxist garbage plan’ – ‘Insane suicidal goal of net-zero emissions’

European Green Deal: 120 silly demands

By Physicist Dr. Lubos Motl

In Summer 1989, many of us were making fun of Milouš Jakeš, the boss of the Czechoslovak Communist Party (especially because of his notorious Red Little Castle leaked speech to his comrades 3 miles from my home), and other commies had a similar image.

But I must really apologize for having mocked them: neither Jakeš nor any other top Czechoslovak communist could compare to the previously unseen imbeciles who are employed as members of the European Parliament and who approved

European Parliament resolution of 15 January 2020 on the European Green Deal (2019/2956(RSP))

one week ago. If I were a teacher or a neurosurgeon whose task would be to fix these MEPs’ brains, I would give up. There is not much that can be done with these utterly fudged up brains – perhaps if we started from scratch on the other side of the body, in the rectum. That’s where the most promising seed of a new, better brain could be found within these MEPs.

The document starts with 22 lines saying “having regard to print.out(” which increases the probability that the authors and champions of this document are NPCs, i.e. automatons. This list of outrageous green documents and organizations was probably included in order to terrify the citizens so that many won’t have the courage to point out that this stuff is being produced by the same toxic scum among politicians.

After another “whereas” line that boldly claims that the European Parliament will veto anything that doesn’t agree with this “Green Deal”, we may read 120 demands and they’re juicy, indeed.

Item 1 says:

Underlines the urgent need for ambitious action to tackle climate change and environmental challenges, to limit global warming to 1.5 C, and to avoid massive loss of biodiversity; therefore welcomes the Commission’s communication on ‘The European Green Deal’; shares the Commission’s commitment to transforming the EU into a healthier, sustainable, fair, just and prosperous society with net-zero emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs); calls for the necessary transition to a climate-neutral society by 2050 at the latest and for this to be made into a European success story;

There is no “need” to tackle climate change and even if there were one, it would be in no way urgent and decades of waiting would make no detectable difference.

But what is amazing is how they mix these unscientific delusions about the climate change with tons of other topics that have nothing to do with it and with each other. Biodiversity may be threatened but if it is, it has nothing to do with the climate change. Also, the general childish dreams that the societies should be healthier and prosperous have nothing to do with climate change, with biodiversity, with the insane suicidal goal of net-zero emissions, or with anything else.

This single sentence is enough to see that the document was written by someone who doesn’t understand absolutely anything. But things get worse in the verse number 2:

Stresses that all people living in Europe should be granted the fundamental right to a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment and to a stable climate, without discrimination, and that this right must be delivered through ambitious policies and must be fully enforceable through the justice system at national and EU level;

These arrogant morons “stress” something – to make sure that no one misses their loud “we are absolute morons” shouting. We read that the European Union’s inhabitants will be granted the fundamental human right for a stable climate (the word “fundamental” is added once again to increase the arrogance). This is of course a culmination of the long-term leftist trend to turn everything into an entitlement, everything into a human right.

But the laws of Nature imply that the climate is never stable and has never been stable. I have given dozens of talks about the climate and they have been primarily focused on the natural phenomena that have always driven, that are driving, and that will always be driving climate change. The MEPs have probably missed that anything like that (e.g. ice ages) exist at all. These natural processes have assorted characteristic time scales.

For a clear example, in recent 3 million years, astronomical Milankovič cycles guaranteed quasi-periodic glaciation after tens or hundreds of thousands of years. In 10,000 years, it will probably be much warmer or much cooler than today, because of totally natural forces, but the math makes it almost guaranteed that there will be a massive ice age around 60,000 AD: the global mean temperature will be almost 10 °C cooler than it is now.

That is more than 6 times 1.5 °C, the approximate CO2 doubling, so people would need to increase the CO2 concentration by a factor of 64 (two to the sixth power) to fight against this natural cooling. But 64 times 400 is 25,600 ppm and at this concentration (2.56%), the air starts to be poisonous for many humans.

But don’t get me wrong: There are surely much earlier and faster natural phenomena. For example, for 15 months after the 1991 eruption of Mt Pinatubo, apparatuses measured a clear decrease of the temperature by 0.6 °C (that’s much more than 0.1 °C that Greta Thunberg brags to be enough to bring her a hissy fit).

But most importantly, we learn that the right for an impossible stable climate must be enforced by all law enforcement personnel at the national and EU level, wow.

Will the EU apparatchiks or Gretas sue volcanoes? Oceans? Jupiter and the Moon that contribute to the Milankovič cycles? The Milky Way? Nature as a whole? Or will they pick some witches who are responsible for the natural phenomena and who will be punished instead? What the hell is going on?

These would-be people in Strasbourg – mostly a dumping ground for failed politicians who have already screwed enough in their nation states so their nations threw them to Strasbourg, assuming that when they screw the European Union, it won’t hurt (is that right?) – should start with filling their hole in the understanding of fifth-grade geology, biology, and geography. They shouldn’t be waging the jihad against the laws of Nature and Nature as a whole. If there were an adult in the rooms of Strasbourg, he would find a tutor for these children who were left behind.

And the document continues like that. It mixes the claims about carbon and the climate with tons of the cheesiest far left phrases. The verse number four says:

Underlines that the Green Deal should be at the heart of Europe’s strategy for new sustainable growth, while respecting the earth’s planetary boundaries, and for creating economic opportunities, driving investment and providing quality jobs; believes that this will benefit European citizens and companies and will bring about a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy where economic growth is decoupled from the EU’s global GHG emissions, resource use and waste generation; emphasises [sic] that the Green Deal must lead to social progress, by improving the well-being of all and reducing social inequalities, economic imbalances between Member States, and disparities between gender and generations; believes that a just transition should leave no person and no place behind and address social and economic inequalities;

So we learn that the goal of this “Green Deal” is actually the standard Marxist garbage plan to “erase inequalities”. The word “gender” appears 9 times in this document that pretends to be about the climate (women only appears twice and both of the occurrences are inside “fisherwomen”; there are about 20 fisherwomen in the EU, the remaining 250 million women don’t matter for the scum in Strasbourg).

But CO2 emissions have nothing to do with inequalities let alone gender. Highly egalitarian societies may have low or high CO2 emissions and healthy wealth-diverse societies may have low or high CO2 emissions, too. The only reason why the CO2 and inequality are “connected” is that the extremist left-wing filth uses the unscientific lies about CO2 and the climate to justify its takeover of power and with the new power, it plans to be capable of doing anything it wants, including the pathological fight against “inequality” (in which the spoiled brats who are organizing this fight always create an exception for themselves, of course – it is only the other successful people who should be robbed).

Point 5 says:

Believes that the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) should be at the centre of the EU’s process of drafting and implementing policies so that the EU promotes a model for human development compatible with a healthy planet; underlines, in this regard, the fact that the European Green Deal must combine social rights, environmental integrity, regional cohesion, sustainability and future-proof industries that are globally competitive, to the benefit of all;

If you don’t want to throw up after you read these empty demagogic far left-wing clichés, then you possess neither a heart nor a brain (not to mention stomach). The Green Deal must “combine” social rights with [all other left-wing and generally good things] for the “benefit of all”. Why don’t they combine them with Burger King’s Whopper and green M&M’s, too? Everyone should be doing fine. Nice. What the document doesn’t say is that if laws and procedures in this document will be adopted, almost everyone in the EU will soon be absolutely screwed and the European civilization will collapse because that’s what civilizations do when they’re led by brain-dead suicidal scum.

If you were missing comments about gender, point 6 says “…goals in the Green Deal, including gender mainstreaming and gender-responsive actions”. The first specifically emphasized goal of the “Green Deal” is “gender mainstreaming” (a fancy word for the omnipresent insane 50% quotas for women). Some visionaries, starting with Czech ex-president Václav Klaus, have been emphasizing for decades that this green ideology isn’t about the environment at all. It is about the political power for the Left and about the freedom of everyone else that is threatened by the Left. Now, in early 2020, we have reached the stage in which these nasty jerks are quite open about that fact.

Lots of these extreme left-wing clichés are repeated in those 120 points. But it’s not just clichés. They are being mixed with utterly insane, radical, particular policies. In point 37, for example, they discuss new rules on mandatory recycling and bans on many plastic products. Not only the production of things like cotton swabs would be banned; their import would be banned as well. …