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Stations Across Canada Show More Cooling Than Warming

Stations Across Canada Show More Cooling Than Warming

Global warming alarmists like claiming that a certain place is seeing more warming and climate change than everywhere else. Remarkably, they say that about almost everywhere, which of course makes no sense.

Today we look at Canadian temperature trends using the data from the Japan Meteorological Institute (JMA) for stations where they have data available going back to at least the mid-1990s.

First, we look at December’s mean temperatures. What follows is a chart depicting the results of nine stations across Canada:

Of the 9 examined stations, seven show no warming taking place at all in Canada over the past quarter-century for the month of December. Data: JMA.

The data hardly show the trends you’d expect from a place that is supposed to be “warming faster than anywhere else”.

Canada mean annual temperatures show no warming

Okay, those are only data for December. How about the annual mean temperatures?

What follows are plots for the mean annual temperatures for the 9 stations:

Data source: JMA

The plots speak clearly enough: we have been seeing more cooling than warming.

Though the surface of the globe may have warmed modestly as a whole, nothing unusual is going on. What we are likely seeing are mainly natural oceanic cycles at work, which we still know very little about.

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