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Climate Champion Bernie Sanders private plane shuttles: Trump trial could trap candidates in D.C. But Bernie has an escape plan! ‘Private jets to ferry him from DC’ to primary states By Garrett Haake WASHINGTON — Less than a month before the Iowa caucuses, Democratic presidential candidates should be finalizing plans for campaign blitzes in the state with the nation’s first nominating contest. Instead, five 2020 contenders are wondering how often they’ll be able to set foot there at all, with senators preparing to sit as […]

WATCH: Joaquin Phoenix Targets Meat, Dairy Farmers At Climate Rally, Admits He Just Got Off Plane   By Amanda Prestigiacomo While speaking at a climate change rally on Friday, award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix targeted the meat and dairy industries for being “the third leading cause of climate change.” Standing alongside controversial activist and actress Jane Fonda, who organized the event, Phoenix took to the mic to blast the industries while […]

New Hurricane Study Finds ‘No Obvious Trends’ By Paul Homewood As study after study shows, real-world data keeps telling us that global warming is not making hurricanes worse. A new study by Roger Pielke Jr and Ryan Maue based on global landfall data since 1970 has confirmed this yet again: In 2019 the three most costly catastrophes were the consequence of […]