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‘Put them in jail’ – Joe Biden: Throw Fossil Fuel Execs In Jail – Biden: If we don’t stop using fossil fuels ‘we’re all dead’ Joe Biden: Throw Fossil Fuel Execs In Jail (Is He Trying To Get Hunter Prison Friends?) by Joe Newby And Jeff Dunetz | Dec 30, 2019 | Climate, Politics While speaking at a campaign stop in Peterborough, New Hampshire over the weekend, Democrat White House hopeful Joe Biden suggested throwing fossil fuel executives in jail if they don’t accept responsibility […]

Warmist Prof. fed up with zealots demoralizing Pacific atoll people with doomsday forecasts of drowning Discomfort and Dismay at the Parkville Asylum By Tony Thomas Melbourne University’s famously loopy Sustainable Society Institute (MSSI) was hung out to dry the other day by one of its lunchtime panellists, Professor Jon Barnett,  at the uni’s Elisabeth Murdoch building. MSSI’s audience of climate zealots couldn’t believe their ears. (listen to the audio here). A political […]

The Last Frontier — Alaska — Strikes Back: Gov. removes Goldman Sachs contract to pay oil and gas drillers By Joshua Sharf Last week, the state of Alaska struck back. Specifically, it struck back against Goldman Sachs and the green ideology that is galloping through America’s boardrooms and now, apparently, its investment banks. Goldman Sachs had announced that it would no longer underwrite Arctic drilling operations. “We will decline any financing transaction that directly supports […]

Get ready for climate as key issue in 2020 Presidential Campaign – Morano: ‘2020 election will be referendum on the UN Paris climate pact & Green New Deal’ By Chris Woodward One of the highest profile voices of climate realism in the world today says immigration, healthcare, and taxes are not the only issues on the minds of some voters. The Trump administration is in the process of formally withdrawing from the Paris Climate Agreement. That process, which began in November, is […]