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Democrats Seek To Outlaw Suburban, Single-Family House Zoning, Calling It Racist And Bad For The Environment By LUKE ROSIAK Virginia House Del. Ibraheem Samirah introduced a bill that would override local zoning officials to permit multi-family housing in every neighborhood, changing the character of quiet suburbs. Oregon passed a similar bill, following moves by cities such as Minneapolis; Austin, Texas; and Seattle. Proponents say urban lifestyles are better for the […]

Shock Epic Fails: The decade that blew up energy predictions – USA energy boom, CO2 emissions drop defied predictions! See the charts! By Mike Allen 🎄 Happy Christmas Eve eve! Today’s Smart Brevity™ count: 640 words … 2½ minutes. 1 big thing: The decade that blew up energy predictions Illustration: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios America’s energy sources, like booming oil and crumbling coal, have defied projections and historical precedents over the last decade, Axios’ Amy Harder and Andrew Witherspoon write for her year-end “Harder Line” column. Why […]

Watch: Morano on Fox & Friends on ‘climatically correct’ Christmas: Climate activists take on holiday traditions, push for ‘green’ Christmas

Watch: Video here: or watch here: Climate activists take on holiday traditions, push for ‘green’ Christmas Broadcast Dec. 23, 2019 – Fox & Friends – Fox News Channel Environmental activists call for #zerowasteholidays; reaction from Marc Morano, executive editor at and of the ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.’ # Related […]

DNC Starts Disinformation ‘Intelligence Unit’ To Combat Climate ‘Deniers’ at Climate Depot, CFACT, Watts Up With That, JunkScience, Climate, ETC. & NoTricksZone By Corinne Weaver | December 17, 2019 3:54 PM EST The 2020 election is going to be fought online and the left has decided to create its own fact-check unit. The Democratic National Committee started a “counter-disinformation unit” to “serve[] as a knowledge base and intelligence unit” for the party. CEO Seema Nanda tweeted, “Nothing poses a greater existential threat […]

New Yorker Editor: ‘Future of the Earth’ Hangs on Trump’s Impeachment – ‘We have a party that has decided to be disbelieving about climate change’ By Nicholas Fondacaro | December 22, 2019 3:47 PM EST CNN’s so-called Reliable Sources has become a home for nutty pontificators. Host Brian Stelter has welcomed unethical shrinks who have claimed President Trump was the most prolific killer in human history, a former cult member who claims Trump was a “destructive cult” leader, and Dan Rather. During Sunday’s latest edition, he had on New […]

Geologist: ‘The CO2 scare is proving false – it’s time for some climate sense’ – UN seeks ‘fake answer to invented problem’ of ‘climate emergency’

Time for Climate Sense By Geologist Viv Forbes Svante Arrhenius (1859-1927) was a Swedish scientist who first claimed that the burning of hydro-carbons like coal, oil, gas, peat and wood may cause global warming. In 1895 he calculated (incorrectly) that a doubling of the atmospheric CO2 concentration would lead to a 4-5o C rise in global […]